Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A sudden melody rings across the stillness

The whole world rolls in slumber

Could be in a sleep deep

Or a nightmare...

Even the restless river

Relaxes for a slower journey home.

In the midst of barren vastness

The traveller's footsteps

Hide from the waning moon shine.

But the wanderer

Too weary to sleep

Is not alone.

A solitary instrument plays

Favourite notes dancing on still air

A whiff of chillness as the melody meanders.

Cold dew covers the ragged stone

Gems shining with the sparse stars.

Myriad rainbows in the middle of a desert.

The sauntering song seeps through the sifting sands...


Sai Saravanan said...

Beautiful poetry...Keep it up!

Savitha C said...

Okay, as much as the imagery seems to be vivid with the right capture of tone and mood, the transition from the landscape to the innerscape seems to have been achieved arbitrarily. Seems like a pot-pourri of Wordsworth [The Solitary Reaper] and G M Hopkins. But...good poetry! :)