Monday, May 04, 2009

Chasing the Dots...

The hand strives to print

A dot.

With the hope it would be a

Period or an end of one.

But used to verbose writing

The scroll

Makes the dot dance

A small tear and it becomes just a pause,

Or shows unexpected excitement, not really a stop!

Sometimes it questions the pen, doesn’t it?

The pen still persists

The scroll accepts, but wily as it is,

Continues to fakes the stop to a continuum

The mindscape filled with these dots

The pen tries to connect them

Chasing the dots

Lines criss-cross

In search of the stop

To rest.

1 comment:

Satya said...

Loved the poem...

Especially the line 'a small tear and it becomes just a pause.' Yes, every tear is just a pause ... and then life moves on in search of 'the colon and the closing bracket' or better still 'the Colon and the D'