Monday, June 27, 2005

All Stars * * *

People either want to be stars or want to admire stars. In India, film actors and cricketers are the big crowd-pullers. (Not neccessarily in that order). The Aussies are trying to get back into their slam-bang form by forgetting the ghosts of the past and hoping to live up to the hype they created charging towards yet another Ashes victory, but Indians are more interested in what the big man Chappel will do to their (once-again)sleeping great heroes. What will happen to the banned Saurav and dull Sachin?
Also, once in a while, we do forward mails about how certain 'wonderful' event is going to happen in the skies that night. Tonight, three of the four visible planets can be viewed in close proximity to each other i.e., from our perspective. Or so the mail says.... Today also marks the transition of planet Saturn across the astral charts of Indian astrology. Blame it on the polluted sky and the (not to be blamed, but welcomed) rain-cloud strewn sky, none of the celestial objects are visible!

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