Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rain rain...will you come to Chennai again?

Its raining all over India. Somebody remarked that if its raining in many places, and if its raining 'cats and dogs' in some places then its raining 'wild cats and bulldogs in Mumbai'. Thats the story about the current Indian climate. Well, India is a land of diversity, and to maintain that, Chennai (and the rest of Tamil Nadu) sweats! Lord Indira, the rain god seems to have forgotten these areas(its been like that for some time now...). May be he is inspired by google products and the host of open source stuff. He seems to make beta releases of rains in Chennai. One suddenly gets to see dark crowds hovering over the Chennaite's hot head (no puns intended) and it even starts to drizzle. And there it ends. A message pops up on the sky after a few minutes saying "The trial period ends now. thanks for serving as a testing ground for our new sprinkler system.". Unofficial news from the state's education board is that the kinder-garden schools across the states have been told not to teach the rhyme "Rain rain go away....". Hope it helps!!


Solitude said...

mams saw the effect of your prayer....it lashed at mumbai....
wondering why it rained at mumbai??....see God just heard a voice from India....and from His altitude India is just a spec...He did send rain and the rain chose its destination. ;)

Solitude said...

When you pray for yourself, somebody else gets the benefit....thats Gods ways..you can't change it.
Thats why it is said...pray for other....you will surely get benefited. ; )